Been on the fence about a viking or viking vi How does the vi do in muddy...


Been on the fence about a viking or viking vi. How does the vi do in muddy areas and trails compared to the regular viking? I lean towards a vi but if I am going to be getting hung up when I hit a trail I can be content with a regular viking if need be.

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  • I don't like how the kawis feel when driving. They have a real big top heavy feel that I don't experience in the yamaha.

  • If I got another sxs I would look very hard at the Honda 1000 5 seater

  • I looked at them when they first came out but I just can't make myself want one. Hondas are tough as nails but I have just always been a yamaha polaris fan.

  • Was considering the honda 700-4 but could never ride in one because dealer's couldn't keep them in stock. The 1000 everyone complains about the heat that they get off the engine since it's right under you. Viking has features i liked more then the honda.

  • Well I am thinking I might go tire kicking for a bit being I have nothing to do today and my dealer has all the brands so I shall do some sampling lol

  • I don't care for Polaris

  • Post pics of the new whip later today

  • If I want to go fast I will grab a rzr but I like the yamaha for the utility side.

  • Yxz is bad ass

  • I am just tire kicking right now but if something sweet stands out I will grab some pics. Just started a new job so I am waiting to see how my paychecks average out before I sign on the dotted line.

  • I say this in a good way.....I like the basic, yet comfortable seats the Viking has compared to some of te pure sport sxs units.

    These are really easy to get in and out of, you don't feel like your sitting in a cockpit. I find it more relaxing.

  • I completely agree, I have owned a rzr before and it was really nice but the viking is so much more comfortable and way more room.

  • I've never had any troubles on trails with my VI. Once you take it out the first few times you'll get a feel for the things you need to look for as far as what might be an obstacle on trails with its longer wheelbase. But unless you're riding trails with endless short 90 degree turns I don't think you'll feel limited at all with the VI. Plus I love the fact I can load so many people in it

  • AGREE,

    We were on a trail a couple weeks ago and could turn sharper than one of the Wildcats.

  • Smoothest ride to!

  • Hell I feel I can turn a mega cab long wheel base dodge sharper than a wildcat lol

  • I was shocked actually. I've never riden in one, it looked nice and capable, but not sharp turning.

    We occasionally will ride our inlaws Rhino. It's a nice bike but as short as it is it feels like a buck board in comparison.

    The long wheelbase has its advantages.

  • Love my VI.. Especially new with the JBS clutch kit

  • Now if your brother will get his butt over to fix the oil leak....lmao..wait....dang..thats me....

  • i didn't say nothing

  • I felt the force...

  • Go to bed.. Don't you have to work in the morning?

  • Yep.....any sec now...I'll be in dream land..

  • Join Hottodforums or Yamaha Viking forums I added a few videos of this past weekend JBS ride in WV in my Viking 6 we rode every trail and had a blast. Love my 6 seater