• Been riding for a year today and I was stung by a bee Some how it was under my...

    Been riding for a year today and I was stung by a bee. Some how it was under my body armor. It manage to fly all the way under it all. When I stopped because I felt the burn and I was totally confused. The little bastard was still alive crawling around my body. On top of that a dime sized rock hit me in the throat a few minutes before I got stung.......time to drink some beer. Can today get any worse. If you can't tell that is the bee ahaha

    • Lol that dime size rock is what stung you.

    • Don't be upset I hit a full grown pigeon with my brand new ARAI helmet first night out at 70mph he splattered blood and feathers all over my helmet and bones chipped the paint. $400 helmet. At least you wear gear! Unfortunate he got in there.

    • Hahahahahha

    • Bruh if a rock hit me I would not feel it in this gear

    • I've hit a bird a 60 mph thank god for that the windshield

    • I was trying to say. What you thought was a rock that hit you in the neck was really the bee. Then it fell between your gear on your neck line.

    • I was hit in the foot once by a frog. Felt like a boulder hit me. Crazy.

    • Could be worst if you were allergic to bee sting... :(

    • Idk how it happened but I was riding at 45+ mph and next thing i know there was a bee buzzing around inside my helmet with the visor closed!!! I was really confused for half a second till i feel it land on my nose, then it took extreme self control to not jump off the bike and rip off my helmet lol Luckily i pulled over safely right away and get away without a single sting