Before doing allot of research I ll ask yinz 1997 yz250 what s the stock color...


Before doing allot of research, I'll ask yinz. 1997 yz250, what's the stock color for the shock? I just picked the bike up and it has a grey spring. It came with an extra rear shock and it has a black spring. But I believe the extra came with the aluminum sub frame that was put on it. Just trying to figure out if it's been re sprung or if they just changed colors offer the years. Thanks

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  • I guess I should have worked parts for a bit while wrenching art the bike shop lol. I just know I need more height. But I'm cheep so I need to stick to 1 1/8 so as to not pay for new clamps lol

  • Damn I should have kept my old deagans! They are tall. Thanks for all your input Jason Hone

  • Hey no prob. It gets exciting when you can understand. The hype that is handle bars vs riding comfy!

  • Kx high bars are great. They are the highest bend I believe besides fmx bends. Woods high bend is also very comfortable for taller guys. And as far as suspension goes definitely spring for your weight, valve for your abilitys and set sag. When all this is done properly ur bike will feel like a totally different machine. From there just fine tune till you reach ur preferred setting then brap on my man

  • Thanks Rashaud Smith but a revalve is out of my reach for awhile. So making best out of what I have. I'm only 5 11" but I feel scrunched on this bike

  • I'm the same height as you and the woods high bars are awesome. As far as a revalve goes you don't have to spend a ton of money. I've used factory connection and pro action suspension and spent a crap load of money. Suspension was really good when fine tuned but that was after sending it back and forth a few times to have little things worked. My advice is find a local guy who's reputable and work with him. My suspension work this year was done by a small shop guy who sat down and listened to my needs and wants then when he was done came to where I ride and watched me ride and made some small adjustments and I'll be completely honest it's the best suspension I've ever had and in total for my forks and shock, rebuild, revalve, and new springs I paid 650 bucks. With the others I mentioned I was well over a grand each time.

  • Hmm pro action suspension eh? Someone sounds local

  • But if ur strapped for cash and want to do it urself check out race tech gold valves. There are a lot of forums on thumper talk for yz owners for suspension setups that you can do on ur own if ur handy with hand tools. The guys on there are very knowledgable about valving shim stacks and all things suspension. Check it out and good luck bud

  • Southern tier ny Jason hone

  • oh.. nevermind.