• Best and easiest way to remove complete motor just looking for tips tricks

    Best and easiest way to remove complete motor just looking for tips/tricks

    • Loosen bolts - remove bolts - then Remove motor lol

    • Getting it out is super easy getting it in is a bit of a pain

    • Specifically the swing arm motor mount

    • The front bolt on my 07 was rusted tight! I had to cut the bolt as I didn't want to crack the engine or corse serious damage

    • So easy. Takes 10 mins nit evan

    • Easiest to pay someone to pull it. But its only 3 bolts on the motor. Pull the pipe and right side foot peg and carb off. Then kind of twist it as u lift it out the right side.

    • That's the info I was looking for. Thanks man for keeping it real

    • Make sure u put the bike on a jack stand. U have to pull the swing arm bolt cuz its also a motor mount bolt. And dont forget the chain and the oil injection lines

    • I don't have oil injection lines and what's the best point for jackstands

    • I put it as far back on the frame as i can. If its your first time pulling the motor i would suggest taking the lower shock mount off so your not fighting the swing arm as much. Pay attention to the bushings and caps on the swing arm when u take it apart. Take pics if u remember to. Good luck

    • Put a floor jack or something under it supporting the frame so it doesn't fall when you take the swing arm bolt out. Will also come out easier if it's not under weight.

    • Yeah support the frame and swing arm too. Both will want to drop. For the swing arm bolt you may need a large screwdriver and a bfh (big fucking hammer) to get it out. Sometimes they don't wanna budge .

    • Soak your nuts giggitty in some wd40 before you do it.