Best exhaust. Do the vance n Hines sound good


Best exhaust? Do the vance n Hines sound good?

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  • V n H Twin Slash sounds awesome but crappy quality

  • Just ordered mine. Be here next week.

  • I love my slip on sound bad ass!

  • Probably the best exhaust you can buy for Bolt.

  • Bassani

  • Yessssss

  • It's probably the best 2 into 2 available for the Bolt at the moment.

  • Be careful if you are going to install saddlebags, the V&H is short.

    I prefer the cobra. Is longer, fits excelent, very light and the sound is awesome.

  • Worth checking out all of the issues and negative reviews posted on, I'd say.

  • Better quality, sound and price than V&H.