Best exhaust to get for yz 250


Best exhaust to get for yz 250

Fmf gnarly fmf fatty fmf sst

Dep or pro circuit or just keep standed

%d comments
  • Pro circuit. Fmf power core 2

  • Bills pipe

  • Stock is all you need, i.e. 46.85 hp at 8700 rpm (MXA).... That will still pull you through til 9100 rpm at that almost same horsepower (45 hp), and by 9600 rpm it still make close to 43 hp (42.8 hp)...

  • They all have their purpose. Buy a gnarly for your woods riding and then swap your stock pipe for the faster stuff.

  • If you gents ride as fast as him on bone-stock YZ250 (MX or otherwise, like enduro, trails), you don't need any aftermarket pipes, not even a VForce reed etc. ;)

  • Yes very true butt James Stuart doesn't need a pipe to help him get the most out of a bike.. You could take the pipe off it and he'd still smoke us all.. And I bet it was jetted and timed correctly for the condition out in Florida on that day by a world class mechanic..

  • Get the squish set correctly (not with gaskets) and the jetting spot on is a must for anyone looking for power and response

  • From what I understand gnarly and fatty add to bottom while the sst adds more to mid and top. Haven't run the others to be sure, but between stock and my sst, the sst is hands down better for my riding style

  • Also, I should add that i've got the Q stealth silencer. Looks like it came off a four stroke, but the power is smoother and I think better than both the stock silencer and my old turbinecore 2

  • And +1 on the squish... best money I ever spent on this engine