Best sprocket set up


Best sprocket set up???

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  • I find the best set up is to make sure you have one rear sprocket and one on the front ;)

  • Hahaha i was think just one at the back, i should if been more specific i mean size ratio front and back

  • Hehe - sorry I couldn't resist. But in all seriousness I haven't got a clue. One thing for sure is it won't make a huge difference if you make them larger or smaller. Maybe an extra 2mph, or a minute acceleration increase. I'd always recommend to stick to stock.

  • Yeah i think il just stick with the stock setup

  • Obviously you can get smaller/larger front and rear sprockets which do in theory either increase the top end or increase the low end acceleration. However this modification will have little effect on a 125. Perhaps on a 600 you'd notice a significant difference. It's probably not worth the time or money :P

  • Confused more than helped ? Lol !