Blaster Parts


Blaster parts. $75 rear fender, $15 tank cover, $20 gas tank with petcock and gas cap, $12 stock handle bars with blue plastic, $30 air box lid and boot, $50 reeds/reed cage and intake boot, $30 carb with out slide and drain screw, $100 mint oem carb with slide spring and tors delete cap, flywheel, 88-02 stator, oil pump assembly, front fender bracket, stator covers, oil pump covers, rear grab bar, rear tail light, front shocks, front shock covers, rear oil pump bracket, 03-06 clutch perchs with cables, kill switch, rear sprocket hub, 03-06 rear brake hub and rotor. Main Pic is for attention, do not ask me how much for atv or parts on the atv pictured.... will ship world wide fast, and i do take paypal, 100% trusted and rated seller

%d comments
  • Is that the stock bars with the fly racing crossbar pad? And would you have a decent rear rim for sale

  • No they are fly bars and sold. No rims or tires

  • Tires?

  • No tires, no wheels, no brakes, no seats..

  • Fatty?

  • ? I dont see a fatty in pic

  • How much for the shock covers

  • $20, they are nice ones, the wet suit material

  • Exguahst ?

  • Not for sale

  • Ok

  • You have the rear caliper??

  • Front shocks

  • How much for that glorious blue tank? Lol

  • I'll buy the shock cobers

  • Covers

  • Pm me

  • Slip on?

  • Sold

  • How much for plastic bar

  • Front fender bracket? $20 shipped