BLUETOOTH RIDER to PILLION INTERCOMBS HI all Wondering what is the best of...


BLUETOOTH RIDER to PILLION INTERCOMBS.... HI all. Wondering what is the best of these. Not worried about phone or GPS hookup. Just the clearest to hear at speed. Any recommendations??

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  • I have the Scala G9x and love it.

  • Do you use it with a pillion Gord Burke?

  • No but I have used from bike to bike with friends and for listening to google maps directions. I also listen to fm radio on longer trips.

  • Was it very clear bike to bike at speed?

  • Uclear HBC 100 or 200 plus.

  • I have used mine for all scenarios. Rider to passenger. Bluetooth streaming music and phone. Clear as can be and adjust for noise at speed automatically. I've answered a call several times and the caller has no idea I was on a bike. Also pretty decent audio quality for music. The 200 series allows u to comm with multiple riders.

  • I made an in helmet system for my Shoei. Very difficult to get anything but headcutting treble. So now I just use a set of noise cutting Earbuds with custom foam buds. Comfortable! Great sound. I can switch off the noise damper, but regardless, they're perfect and save my ears.

  • I've heard great things about the Scala as well. What I also like about the U clear is boom less mic and small footprint.

  • The scala Mic comes with both options. I have it installed in my full face without the boom but it came with the boom for installing on a 3/4 helmet. You have to buy a kit for a shorty mount application though. For the speakers.