• Bolty drinking her vitamins and minerals

    Bolty drinking her vitamins and minerals.

    • I love this bike.

    • Fuckin sexy bro, love the grips on yours!

    • thanks, doin a little at a time. next is the mustanke fastback seat and strait 2.5 " pipes

    • sorry, Mustang fastback seat

    • I wish I knew how to customize mine as well, I'd be happy as hell adding the passenger seat

    • I just have the Yamaha here do everything. the seat is just one bolt through the locked side cover on the left side of your bike.

    • watch low and mean videos on the bolt

    • Eyyy u also from Sacramento?? I've created a nor cal bolt riders group..

    • im from St George, Utah

    • I meant edgar

    • Yeah man! Invite me to it

    • Ok I'll have to send u a friend request