Booo just did a dummy Lost my ignition seat key SO fearing a theft I put a...

Booo. just did a dummy. Lost my ignition/seat key. SO..fearing a theft, I put a cable lock through the frame and front wheel. Bad weather kept me off the 86 Fj for about 10 days. When I came back, I hopped on , put the duplicate key in Fumbled with putting on a new helmet with odd fasteners. Fired up the FJ went in gear and drove off, a total of about an inch. The lock worked and i went down breaking my right foot. Duh. forgot that for the first time in 30 years of owning it, that I had put that lock in it. Don't replicate my dumb move. By the way, Kryptonite cable locks work.

  • Been there done that, outside a club in front of the queue. Total knob.

  • I did something very similar (not with my FJ) using a shackle lock. Rode off without removing it, went down hearing a hiss from the tyre valve that the shackle had ripped out. DOH!!!

  • Dang it! I hate to hear that you were hurt.