Brand new 2014 R Spec with 78 miles and when I let go off the handlebars it...


Brand new 2014 R-Spec with 78 miles and when I let go off the handlebars it wobbles. 15MPH and up. The faster the worse. Any ideas? Common?

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  • Is this something a factory warranty would cover? I have 2 months left on mine..

  • Yes the warranty will cover it

  • Calling the dealer right now.

  • Ok cool. Thanks guys. I'll have to call my dealer tomorrow.

  • I called the dealer I bought the bike from. I still have 2 months left on the factory warranty and I bought a 4 year extended warranty ontop of that from the dealer. The service manager just told me Yamaha has said nothing about the problem and Yamaha warranty would not cover the labor to inspect it so I would have to pay $89/Hr to have it looked at.

    There goes my good mood I had.

  • Jesus, if it was the bearings in the neck it would be a good 3 hours just to get it apart and get it back together

  • The problem, is not a problem! It Will go away with new tires. Hold on the the handlebar.

  • It's not a problem? Doesn't exist? Fuck that. I've never riden ANY motorcycle, any tires, ANY year, make, or model that will skid the front tire and jerk back and forth because I let go for a few seconds. It's a problem, it's there, and it's on my brand new $7500 bike?

  • I am guessing your problem is different than most of the Bolt owners I have talked to if it is skidding and jerking back and forth. Make the dealer fix it.

  • Yep that's my plan. My dealer I went through is notorious for trying to screw over customers. Just didn't have time to sit there and argue over the phone. The first time I let go of the handlebar to adjust my grip the handlebar hit my hands it jerked so hard. Scared the shit out of me. If I get to speed and let the bars go and let it go crazy it would make me wipe out.