Bt 1100 or MT 01. thats the question

Bt 1100 or MT-01..... thats the question.

  • Choose with your heart and you wont be dissapointed !

  • Thats some wise words my friend

  • Bt-more economically.

    Mt-it is possible to buy a set for re-equipment on a belt

  • Mt has more Power ...

  • No - MT-10!!!

  • If I can to choose I say MT01, I have bulldog but money is money

  • Depends also on how your riding preference is. The BT can be easily modified looking badass. Imho the riding style/experience of both bikes are quite different. I think the newer mt models look better than the 01. Too bulky.

  • What will you use the bike for? Commuting and everyday tasks? Weekend sporty rides? What about insurance and road taxes in your country? Are you an experienced rider? Both bikes look great and can be customized to look even better! MT-01 has definite performance advantages. Lots more more horsepower and almost double the torque that can be scary. Bulldog is more practical and economical, better allrounder, better for passenger and luggage, won't scare you, has a shaft drive. You won't be dissapointed with any one. I would get an MT-01 if it would be only for Sporty Sunday rides on my own. I got the Bulldog as an all-rounder for commuting and travelling.

  • I will mostly use the bike to move my ass to work and back home again. Ofc some longer travelling is to another country like Norway would be nice. I decided that the bulldog is a better choice specially because it will be my first "road bike". One can always sell it later and upgrade to a MT01 if needed.

  • Nicely put! What bikes did you own before?

  • Took me 6 yrs to buy the bt1100 and i regret i waited that long. Love the looks and handling of it. I don't miss out on hp or torque really. I do a lot of commuting and trips of 200+kms. 2k+ trips coming up. Highways arent my favorite roads with the bt1100 but who likes highways anyway ? My bulldog is at 120-140kmh really a smooth ride. No need to go faster. I love the other bikes i mentioned too, did a testdrive on all of them except the kawa. But decided i am going to enjoy the bulldog as long as i can.

  • Nothing special tbh. I had a 80cc honda motocross a long long time ago. Last bike i owned was a 125cc kawasaki motocross i used for enduro. I did own 2x honda cb250 (or was it 125). Was alot of work to do on them so i gave them away. They had that kind of engine where the pistons was aligned besides eachother and acted like one piston. Also had a few runs with a Honda Dominator and a Transalp.

  • Did you ride the bt1100 yet?

  • No i have not

  • I took a test drive....and lost my head totaly. For me,it's the most complete mc. It got the look,the handling and the power I need for my type of driving.I'm driving by the legal limits on the road,with a smile going round the whole inside of my it..................

  • Pontus Eriksson with all respect, I wouldn't recommend a very powerful bike for your experience, for your own safety. Please take into account that these bikes are also very heavy, more than double the weight of a 125 enduro bike. Better to make a gradual transition.

  • Stop torture yorself - take BT :D

  • ))) it took me 5 mins to decide to take BT when I saw it first time and I never regretted :D

  • Bt of course

  • Just like you Jack Paulsen im more into the cuising type of driving. I want the sound of the engine not the sound of air rushing around be at 250 kmph. The louder the better lol. But i have been thinking about what you say Stamatis Vlassopoulos about the weight. Im a big boy