Buddy s neighbor just bought a 16 Raider from the local dealership so the buddy...


Buddy's neighbor just bought a '16 Raider from the local dealership so the buddy asked me to swing by with mine so we can discuss my mods. The guy is convinced it's a 6 speed. I didn't know for sure and it was the first time meeting the guy so i didn't want to be an ass. Is he right or just counting wrong?

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  • Must be a newbie, if so Raider is not a good bike to start with. Too much bike for beginner.....

  • Nah. He's had several bikes. Just can't count I guess

  • Good, Glad to hear that......

  • He must have not gotten on the highway yet lol

  • Maybe his has reverse? Lol

  • When I hit cruising speed mine becomes a 12 speed. At least that's how many times I shift trying to find that extra gear.

  • I don't think I look for that 6th as much as you all do.... And I don't mind. I kinda like having some hp ready to go at the twist of the throttle. When I ride with 6 gear bikes, I notice that they shift a lot more than I do. The 6th is really just a cruising gear. They have to downshift every time we speed up, or go up a sizable hill. I don't. :-)

  • I do it all the time trying to find that six wish it had it

  • Ask the flat spot on the big toe of my left boot LOL...

  • A 6 speed would be fantastic! I'm running with a lot of HD and get beat on range, only 5 speed and 4 gal tank.

  • Thank god im not the only one who does it...... i was starting to wonder if i was wearing the wrong kinda helmet and should start licking windows like the retard i felt like.....

  • yeah i'm a 6 speed fan myself. as far as more shifting involved I think thats just a rider not knowing what a bike can do or is just use to the rpm's of the 5 speed. knowing the bikes stall/lug rpm/speed is good info to have and will give your trans a break lol. I ride 2 up on my RK theres not many highway hills or mountains that cause me to downshift at all. also a good tuned bike will help if your downshifting alot on a 6 speed. driving a semi most my life my mind is always set in rpm mode haha

  • I need a tach because i ride with ear plugs and cant hear the rpms. BUT, I havnt drilled yet so..