Burnout in dirt like a lil bitch with my pink shirt on D Btw off roading is...


Burnout in dirt like a lil bitch with my pink shirt on :D Btw off-roading is not bad with this bike..

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  • LMAO, smart ass! haha no worries I am just buying a different bike this spring and keeping my FZ as well

  • lol.. You gonna go for super-sport bikes? I'm thinking of buying one next year, in the same time I can't stop doing some crazy stuffs on super sport and I don't wanna break my bones and stay home or die.. That would be sad :( lol.

  • lol nah no supersport for me, I am like you if I have the speed I am hitting it... I am one those riders who ride at 90-100 EVERY where I go... tho I drive fast I dont swerve and cut off cars n shit ... soo if I had double power im scared id then be going 180 all over! haha

    Lookin at a Yamaha Vstar the 800cc one ... I do a lot of long distance riding and typically ride with cruisers so I need to fit in lol

  • Yeah, I like cruisers I rode like three four times back in my hometown. You feel like you own the streets when you're on one. And I looked up the Vstar, it looks good.

  • Yeah my dad has a Vstar and has had them since they came out, tho he has the 1800cc one lol the bike has been great to him.. plus I love Yamaha everything!

  • but hey, when I am back home ill be riding up to SC and NC a lot since close friends live up that way we should meet up and hit some roads together.

  • Sure man. Yeah I live in NC and work in SC and You have a good one :)

  • hell ya, my good buddy and I are looking to open a custom car/moto shop in Spartanburg prolly with in 3-4 years soo when that happens youll have to give us a try then help us grow business! any who imma add you if you dont wanna add me no worries but figure itll be easier to find you that way.

  • Yes, I'll bring my Honda Civic.. #Ricer :D :D

  • ah good, lol we are going to be mainly import.. Ill be FOH but my buddy is a GENIUS mechanic, he runs DSM's and his bro runs Hondas so youll fit right in