Can any BT rider of this group let me know what RPM they got when they run...


Can any BT rider of this group let me know what RPM they got when they run constant with 100km/h ? I just want to find out if my tacho is desynchronised or everybody got around 3500RPM with the speed of 100km/h.

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  • Confirmed.

  • Thanks Ralf !

  • Why you don't use a gps or you smartphone to see these exact speed?

  • First series is around 3300 RPM. Second series is around 3500 RPM. Follow Stefan Müller's advise.

  • Yes. Between 3300 and 3500

  • About 3400

  • Stefan Müller i'm not interested in speed only, i'm into a specific RPM for the speed that i mention above.

  • You talking about the tacho, not the rpm meter :)

  • I was off riding, whithout the Bulldog for 18 months and I feel that on the highway speed ~120km/h the engine is so high revved and noisy around 4000rpm and it feels a big weird that is so close to the red line at this speed. I was thinking is something wrong with my tacho but is not...

  • Confirmed!!

  • Mine, revs at around 3400, too!

    Bulldog's engine has its limiter (not red line) very low, at around 6.200rpm. It was not made for high speed riding, but, rather for...easy-riding. Between 2.500 and 4.500, it performs fine!

    However, thanks to its high torque, a sixth gear would be very useful, allowing the bike to run at higher speed while revving at lower rpms. It would also reduce fuel consumption, which climbs up radically at high speeds...