Can any of you ladies and gentlemen tell me how to pair a Bluetooth device with...


Can any of you ladies and gentlemen tell me how to pair a Bluetooth device with a 2014 242 limited S??

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  • Step 1: remove stock stereo.

    Step 2: install something else.*

    *as soon as I find the perfect unit I'll report back! And if anyone else has suggestions, please post! These stock units are junk.

  • My 2014 cmd6, can't find a Bluetooth option

  • Thanks because we were trying to figure it out last weekend.

  • here is the quote form the thread: I copied this from another post. I am certainly no expert but it worked.

    I could not get my blue tooth working on my 2014 242 LS either when I first got it but my dealer had to come by and install a couple of things a week later. That particular service guy was familiar with this problem and told me that every new Yamaha coming off the line with bluetooth is linked to one bluetooth device of the person who is testing its functionality. He told me that to reset the bluetooth connection that you had to turn the batteries off and unplug the aux 2 rca cables. Then turn the batteries on and replug in the aux 2 rca cables. He said that the system isn't capable of being paired with multiple devices so you would have to go through this method everytime you would want to pair a different mp3 bluetooth device to your radio system.

    I have not validated if there are indeed other and easier ways of doing this but I do know that I have performed his method a couple of times and it worked both times. I have a number of vehicles that have bluetooth functionality but none as odd as this IF what this service guys says is true.

  • Just make sure nothing else is trying to connect to it. As long as only one device is trying to connect it should work. I just use the USB cable and let my playlist do the rest. It sounds better that way too

  • Ben Scott Lang.

  • ok...i def know if you havent figured it out. It is tricky. ....turn radio to Aux 2.....turn off battery switch, dont turn radio off leave it on...yes really, ..turn battery back on, make sure radio is back phone to scan...should be AB"something" pin is 0000...I was lucky and didnt have to unplug RCA cables as scott did, guess i was lucky... '14 212X

  • ^^^ so pair all phones to it at once.....then you are

  • Were you able to pair mutiple phones?

  • I forget how I eventually got it paired, took multiple tries, but once paired works off Aux2