Can anyone help out with a few picks of your wiring harness plugs at the...


Can anyone help out with a few picks of your wiring harness plugs at the ignition box and where the pulse pick up female plugs into the male connection on the harness? my harness is all hacked up and I am trying to figure out where the plug connections are. I know most of you have the fairings installed on your bikes but I'm stuck. any photos are greatly appreciated

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  • Next : stock ignition or a dyna the bike has RS38 mikhuni carbs not sure if the dyna is worth the cost

  • I have used a Vance & Hines Power Pak for about a year with no problems. With the larger aftermarket carbs, my thoughts are the engine may be bored larger than stock. It may be helpful to contact Randy at RPM. He can be contacted here....

  • All I've got I'm afraid..were taken when I was stripping my bike.

  • Thanks again Fred . Can I still by a Vance & Hines ? That's what was on it I couldn't seem to find one in the net just the dyna. RPM ?

  • Sean . Thanks a million ! It's a big help. I'm gonna need a whole harness

  • The Vance & Hines PowerPak is no longer produced and as far as I know it is not available anywhere. Dyna is about your only option for a New one and used OEM ignitor box on eBay.

  • I got this from a mob in New Zealand. They weren't quick with delivery, but I thought price was reasonable.

  • My 84 is different than all my other fjs. Coils are different, I'll get a pic of it when I get in shop mines got tank off.

  • I will check it out the dyna is expensive thanks

  • Thanks Bob

  • this would be perfect if I had the stock pulse coil ...It has (burnt out ) V&H ign box and pulse coil

  • as you can see someone else has been in there. :(

  • Plan b. Purchase a harness for road map / also reference diagram ... Invest in dyna

  • I will use the photos for further reference

  • I personally don't like the dyna system I have a couple in my race cars and they're the only ign system I've had issues with. One would ask why would you use it then, for 300 rpm more. 3SK cdi box goes 10.2k and the legend dyna goes 10.5. Where rpm isn't key I run the stk Yamaha system.

  • I have to check eBay for all of the stock components

  • dyna is worth it mate, comes with 2 coils too