Can I do something like this with my warrior

Can I do something like this with my warrior?

  • A/f is also a key to tuning

  • Think of it like a water hose. The bigger the hose the less pressure and less power.

  • Ahhhh okay I see what you guys mean.... Makes sense

  • You don't want back pressure at all and no it will not affect the dam valves. What you would have happen is a loss in the velocity of your exhaust. When you loose velocity, you create a high pressure area.

  • As long as you maintain that flow rate through the rest of the system you won't have any loss in power.

  • U could reduce the exhaust flow by making a reducer @ the outlets...

  • That would then create a power loss

  • Yes u can do it with the exhaust don't listen to these people u have to split the header and it'll work and it could possibly change performance just like changing any pipe from stock to after market

  • I agree with both Tyler & Kyle! Build ur bike the way u want it... Too many haters... just cause they can't or don't know how too they try to stop others from doing it...

  • Ok so I read up on it and I am mistaken! I have always been told that you needed it. My bad. Also not saying it was a bad idea, I think it is bad ass! What I did with my Harley but the mechanic told me I didn't want to take my baffles out because I needed back pressure. This may help. ds/exhaust-the-straight-scoop- on-backpressure.168578/