Can someone explain the restriction on operating both engines only No single...


Can someone explain the restriction on operating both engines only? (No single engine ops)

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  • Stoney Grayson if you're referring to the clean out plugs located under the hatch on the stern deck, the answer is no doesn't matter. Accesses the wrong area of the drive system and will not help dry an engine that is hydro locked.

    Today's 4 stroke engines are not like the 2 stroke where you could pull the spark plugs and get the engine dried out with minimal damage. Hydro locking any modern wave runner/ sport boat engine is a very bad thing, and usually not fixable at the lake unless you happen to have some major tools and knowledge at hand.

  • A lot of people who've been around awhile keep a couple pairs of duckbill vice grips on can close off the flow to one or both motors if one goes down or you need to be towed...others have put shutoff valves in

  • That was said in the second post, the fourth gave a link to detail exactly what hydro lock is....but you did answer the question, so I guess the sarcasm is acceptable for that one post

  • I'd like to know where you use the vise grips incase of one engine failure? A 5 mile idle back to dock would seem like an eternity. My new AR240 runs great but like to be prepared for the worst.

  • There's a line that runs the water into the motors for coolant...there's a post on the forum...can't find it easily right now...on my phone

  • Thanks Josh Woodard.

  • Yep, that post is about the valves, but you clamp in the same spot...I don't have to worry about flushing in saltwater so the clamps were a cheaper/easier solution for me

  • Ya, read the thread. I'll grab a clamp and place on-board just incase.

  • Get 2, just in case you need to be towed!

  • Also just a little no clamp/valve and you wake mode back to (throttle) your down (off) motor to let water free flow out..tht brings gate up..