Can someone help. 2 questions


Can someone help? 2 questions!

I tried installing the Blaster X integrated tail light today but the right turn signal wouldn't work. And yes I checked the connections.

Now... My 2nd questions is.

Once the blaster x is installed i won't need the OEM beaver tail housing. So how do I install the new light without using the original hardware? I don't know where to order parts that would allow the new light to mounted or does one even exist? I've seen YouTube videos of guys with the OEM housing not used. And I'll also have to relocate the license plate which isn't a big deal. Thanks for helping me out!

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  • Oh i see.... But there's gotta be a way. No? Do you know if there's a product that is on the market?

  • Not sure. Me and a buddy did them the same way and no issues at all

  • Thanks guys! Brad thanks for taking the time to take a couple of pics.

  • 'Fill in' is for asthetics

  • Bottom of my tail light is trimmed with the LED turn

    signal from Raw Design.

  • Cool! Thanks

  • Like they said, I cut mine to fit

  • Damn that looks sweet! Same color as mine.

  • I have a passenger seat and backrest for the wife tho.

  • Thanks

  • The same like this? The QR version....

  • Which bars are those?

  • 9.5 pull back Radius T Bar

  • Thanks, but what rise and who makes em?

  • They are LA Choppers Radius T Bar. I added no riders. But I do have 4 inch fork extensions