Can someone show me the proper method of tie down on an 1200. Thanks


Can someone show me the proper method of tie down on an 1200? Thanks.

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  • Brett, are you trying to tie it down to a trailer? I use 2 up front, from the lower triple clamp to the rings or loops on my trailer or truck bed. Then carefully snug them down, compressing the forks a bit & making sure the bike doesn't wigglec sideways much. On the back I usually use 2 more to looped thru/around the rim/tire to the rear tie down loops/rings. I used to use one tie down from the rear grab handles but that damages the paint too much for me.

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  • When I sold my VF1000F the buyer had a handlebar harness like this. This will work great on any bike with a fairing. Keeps the straps spread wide so no contact with the fairing

    . This in front with two straps pulling down and slightly back at the rear of the bike should work great. Use Ancra brand motorcycle straps, they are the best.

  • Mick, the original one of those is the Canyon Dancer. They work well. So do the Ankra tie downs, they are my favorite.

  • In the front, off the lower frame rails. Place tie down hooks directly above the front engine mounts. Out back, place tie down hooks on bungee hooks' frame loops on rear subframe.

  • I had problems with a Canyon Dancer on my '86. It caused the throttle tube to bind after the bike was unloaded. Went back to looping the straps over the lower triple.

  • Wheel chocks and the accessory tie down kit from J&P cycle. The tie down strap goes over the tire and clamps it down into the wheel chock. This is the best tie down system I have ever used.

  • That is a beautiful trailer load.