Can you guys give me some pointers and advice on my new ride


Can you guys give me some pointers and advice on my new ride?

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  • If you plan on going anywhere near water snorkel it

  • Snorkels, jbs clutch, lift, tires, winch over 4k and you're good

  • Im not a mudder i have some small puddles on my trail no more than 8 inches deep.

  • Ok then subtract snorkels and keep everything else. You'd like roctanes or blackwaters in 28 or 30

  • Ok thank you.

  • Enjoy man I love mine and so do my boys

  • Eric Anslinger Sharp

  • JBS sheave for sure!!

  • Whats the advantage?

  • Ass kicking power down low where you needs it. No loss of top end and keeps everything oem for quality reliability

  • The one I tried out seemed like it was more at ease than my teryx pulling out and getting to speed. The teryx will probably outrun it but seems like the engine on the teryx runs its guts out no matter what you do or how fast your going. The viking took less rpms to ease around. I average at about 20 mph so I see the viking behaving more like I would want. The viking was also light years ahead of my teryx in the transmission department. Much smoother and precise feeling.

  • Yamaha's cvt transmission are superior to anyone else, they have it figured out and JBS uses all modified oem parts in their clutching , your wont every smoke or slip a belt in a Yamaha, I was riding with a guy a few weeks ago in a can am that was new and went everywhere he went but his belt was burning a lot

  • To get to the belt or anything else on my teryx was a job. The yamaha looks 10 times easier to work on.