Cant decide the top or bottom one also who was it who did the vinyl printing


Cant decide the top or bottom one, also who was it who did the vinyl printing ;)

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  • Why you think that Matt ?

  • Cause they are so shit sound shit to they leak air and also loose power on your bike so that's why

  • Mines air tight, sounds amazing to me and I haven't lost any power at all ?

  • Yeah well good for you haha if you get pulled your fucked just saying

  • Even If I get pulled they would have to bring out a DB meter to measure it and can't give me a fine as I can say I was unaware as I bought it online and said legal for road use and due to it not having any sort of stamp on it they can't say anything, it's a big loop hole I found thanks to my aunt being a traffic cop haha

  • I know it doesn't, neither does a lot of stuff, they can't do you for not having an e-mark but can do you if it has the incorrect e mark or a track use only stamp

  • Just had a look can't fine the e mark on the stock exhaust

  • The standard can is e marked

  • I know it's no loud haha but still, I was never pulled for my 2 stroker with a end can the size of a fucking volcano, and even in the MOT they only listen for the idel speed, I don't know what the police are like round your way but the ones round here pull up next to me and we exchange nods, even pulled over befor and had a chat about BSB

  • On my moped I had no end can for a few months so it was just raw pipe noise pretty much and a policeman never battered an eye at me.