Cautionary tale


Cautionary tale ..

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  • Usefull knowledge Dan. I have been the lucky owner of FJ's since 1986, and in my end of the world, motorcycling is only a summers thing, and therefore putting the bike away in the wintertime. The story leads to allways topping the gastank fully up to avoid condencing water inside. I never had a rusty tank, or other dirt problems.

  • Was getting super bad blowby on my DR125 (Turns out the engine had been severely damaged/partially seized by the PO), couldn't figure out why the clutch would bark and grab super bad any time I tried to take off with any real speed, even with brand new plates. Opened the filler cap with the engine running and found A) a second exhaust pipe and B) a 50/50 gas and oil mix. Now it has a new top end and no clutch issues at all.

  • I've bought some pods. Fucking stupid standard design where you have to loosen the subframe to separate the carbs from the air cleaner shouldn't happen on any machine. Looking forward to being able to maintain it a bit easier now. Other good mods on the way.

  • Throwing petrol can also be shim related so keep a check onit

  • Ha ..thats easy try and get the air box out of a Kawasaki gpx 750..