CCT failed


CCT failed

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  • Mine has the white dot. Can anyone tell us what the different dots mean?

  • No sure what dots mean but mine is yellow

  • How many miles have you done?

  • I've done around 4000 miles

  • And it failed?

  • Well cam chain was ticking at low rpm but I have taken cap of tensioner and with Allen key tightened it about 1/8 of a turn and it has stopped now

  • I am on number 8. Colour of dot is the version. Will have to check colour on mine tomorrow to tell you the latest one. Think it was purple or blue

  • I have done 16k

  • I've noticed my tracer sounds very rattly when first started for about a mile or so

  • S2 with a white dot was supposed to be a revised one i think! 2015.

    The latest ones have a brown dot.

  • my cct still has the white spot on ?? march 2015 model has there been a recall on this

  • It probably just wants tightening up a little if it has the white dot.

    There wasn't a recall as such but some models with a red dot or 2 black dots had a technical bulletin. Basically they'd be replaced free of charge regardless of warranty status.

  • Not sure but when I finally managed to show the noise to my dealer , they had no doubt the cct was fucked and the guy mentioned oil pressure .. I did change the oil to full synth from putoline with oem filter , after that everything was smoother incl gear changes etc.. very nice and recommended by them the dealer, even though I asked for Yamalube, so they need to deal with this

  • On my case the issue comes and goes, so I think the fact the oil type changed (recomended by them) must have had some influence on my cct failure , could have also just been coincidence.. its sucks, I hope there is no damage to the engine

  • Wont be any damage if its just rattled. Itd only damage it if it was so loose that it skipped a tooth, n you'd know about that :D.

    I think the later CCT's have an oil way in them that the earlier ones didnt?

  • Oliver Taylor I think so, not sure, but according to some guy in the fz09 forum they are different, look at this picture