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"To understand this, think of the difference between and race car and a tractor. The race car develops an enormous amount of horsepower, but the torque is used for speed through gearing. There's not a lot of work needed, in a relative sense, to push a race car forward, so less work is accomplished, leaving more power for speed.

A tractor, on the other hand, may have the same size engine producing the same amount of horsepower. That horsepower is harnessed for doing work through gearing. The tractor can't reach high speeds, but it can pull and push huge amounts of weight."

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  • Engine design...... rod length...... compression...... piston size....... timing...... Shit man, it's all in the fun of engineering!!!! :-)

  • This is something not a lot of people understand. And then there are factors of power to ratio haha.

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  • Yup,there is so many variables you can manipulate with.

    From stroke,bore and camshafts design to intake and exhaust manifold...countless