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UPDATE: You dont have to remove the coil packs, engine cover brackets or the cam sensor to do this. Takes about 5 minutes off the bill. :)

Here is short video I made on the process of visually inspecting your Yamaha 1.8 liter timing chain. The process only takes about 15 minutes to do. As most of you know, the 2014 and 2015 SVHO skis have had some timing chains breaking. If your ski is currently operable, I suggest periodically inspecting the timing chain. The timing chains aren't generally snapping immediately. They are breaking a link or two before going into complete failure. This inspection process may give you the ability to catch it in advance.

Note: You don't actually have to remove the coils.

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  • Always haved yamaha's. Continue to think its the most reliable watercraft but... I was pist off lol

  • I asked our local Yamahoppie dealer a few days ago if they had any of their skis "come down" with the dreaded chain failure. The mechanic said not a single one. Is it possible that the ones that do are ridden too hard or abused in some way too early in the break-in period. *Don't put a hit out on me; just speculating!*

  • No. Some broke with 50-100 hours

  • Chris Preuss

  • Just watched this today. Thanks for posting.

  • I really got to run mine only got 23 hours on my 14 fzs

  • Wish I'd known about this when I bought mine in July 2015.... timing chain failed at 19.9 hours, full head replacement, then failed again at 39 hours, full engine replacement !

    I've bought a 2016 now....

  • FYI, the chain guide on the exhast side will pop right out, if it has any deep scratches or gouges in it theres a good chance it has a broken link or two