Chris Moore shared a link to the group: Yamaha Warrior Raptor YFM350.

Most of the questions on this page are easily found on this forum.

Sign up. 99% of things that can be done to a warrior have been done and documented. (With pics)

  • When I was a teen, there was no forums. You read the book or someone taught it to you by word of mouth/ visual or you tore into and tried to figure it out by yourself

  • the forum freezes up on my pc and google is useless anymore with ads and sales links so we come here for help after all thats what this page is for some people dont want to go to a forum and spend a hr looking thru the posts for a question we can come here and have answered in 1 minute plus u should feel honored to pass ur vast knowledge on to the next rider ive had lots of help from here and helped a few along the way plus the forum u have to wait and wait and wait i made a post on forum never got a answer post on here get replied to within 15 mins tops

  • but i see where u coming from tho just some people dont have much spare time to work on they quads much less research em so when we get time to work on em wouldnt u rather help wit knowledge and help them safe time so they can get back to riding after all thats what its all about here is the love of our quads and the fun we have on em

  • Your points are valid but alot of the questions that are asked can be easily found on the forum. Some stuff is hard to find though. I don't mind helping people but I can't stand laziness. Laziness gets you no where

  • imma try and check out the forum tonight and look at mod ideas im registered to forum just always on facebook on my computer and i have to login everytime cuz it wont save on my pc for some odd reason so i guess i to have my lazy moments but im already turning my own wrenches usually while asking

  • i cant even get on forum nevermind cant remember my id and password

  • just reset my password and it still says wrong password o well i guess ill just have to stick to the book from here out

  • Jesse Harless I know it's quicker to get an answer here on FB, and I don't mind helping a fellow warrior owner out. But, this page can sometimes feel Bill Murry'ish from Ground Hog Day. (Will this _______ fit? , I can't get spark. , What do I need to do to beat my cousin's full race 450?)

  • I just get tired of redundant questions.

  • I've seen the "how much oil should I put in" about 3 times just this week