Cleaned and ready to go Just got the new top box and side cases to fit...


Cleaned and ready to go. Just got the new top box and side cases to fit tomorrow

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  • Want to see how they sit. Have seen givi on website but not on bike. Need to careful with curve of tank..also heard stories on the fj forum of having to mess about with washers due to ill fitting tank rings.

  • The angle is what is putting me off rushing and getting my Bagster onto the tank

  • Spoke about the accessories issue with my dealer today. He simply agreed that Yamaha dropped the ball with this.

    The tells me that they have loads of Race Blu in stock....not enough of the others!

  • My Oxford is a large bag and covers the tank. Only held on with magnets. It doesn't really get in the way TBH only pain is when you open the bag and everything has slid to the front

  • I don't think too many people are choosing Race Blu as their first option. I read a mag write up where they said Race Blu is the only colour to go for, he doesn't know why Yamaha bothered with the other colours - yet again the media got it wrong

  • I am a tank bag lover and have got a couple but they are for flat tanks. Also liking the look of the givi vr47 top box..and that is something that i thought i would never say. Picture of the fast matt grey with panniers and box looks the part!

  • I have the V46 and it looks OK too, not as sleek as the 47 tech

  • Mine was saying that the Blu is the "one in stock". Think he might have been trying to keep me happy as I keep telling him to stop selling the blu!!

  • Speaking of top boxes....

    I'll start a different chat on that

  • Fitted a Givi Blade on mine, looks ok!