Clubman or Jota handlebars for the Bulldog. Need help


Clubman or Jota handlebars for the Bulldog? Need help.

I need to decide between the two, as I am looking for a more lean-forward position. I have a '03 Bulldog with original risers and bars.

Note that dragbars etc will not suit me. It has to drop more than that.

Some options I have:

1. Raask Jota bars: I like the fact that they are adjustable. Can't decide if I like the looks. Cost about 100 Euro.

2. Buell clubman bars. They are beautiful, not very easy to find and a bit expensive for second hand! But will not fit 22mm risers (they are 28.5mm in the center), need to buy adapters, or new risers, and they probably need extra lengthening. Cost about 200-250 euro with new risers/adapters. Thanks to Stefan Pickert for all the info.

3. Tommaselli adjustable bars are also an option about 180 euros. Not too keen.

4. Other clubman bars. I can find 22mm steel clubmans for about 60-70 Euros shipped.

Any advice?

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  • Like thuis ?

  • Hi, I prefer even a cheap solution, when I begin to change something. The position on the bike, the feeling in curves is such different as it feel today. I shoot the Buell-bar on EBay for 80€.

    So I recommend, to buy a cheap 22mm club-bar for testing. If it fits for you, do the next step.

  • I tested also a very deep version with LSL KM25 riser

  • They are nice bars, but not what I need. Need a much more forward leaning position.

  • I think you re right. This is the safest way. I found a couple of Buell bars, but a nice one is selling for 150$, too much I think.

  • I agree with Stefan. I did not want to spend €100+ on a bar i might not like. Having used the stock bar, I installed an english brand 22m bar to experiment. A bit too wide, gonna cut it. Now I lean a bit forward, have to get used to it, but its nice. No more pain in the wrists. €34 at a local store. Gonna install weights also. I might keep this one.

  • I must have a picture somewhere of a Bulldog ith clip-ons.

  • This one?

  • Not that one, can't find it at the moment.

  • At least a picture of the Modell 2005 riser (left) and the LSL KM45 (Not 25, sorry). artikelnummer=127

  • Thanks, I did some tests simulating various bars with a... bent coat hanger :) Seems like clubmans with the stock risers height is good.

  • Anyone tried the adjustable Jota bars copy from Raask?

  • 5 piece bar. The pieces connect with allen bolts. Fully adjustable.

  • I have fitted Raask bars on my Bully. They are a bit wide but I like them. They took a bit of time to adjust them for perfect comfort but it was worth it.