• Clutch Question Any stock differences between the 3 6 seater for the pri and...

    Clutch Question.... Any stock differences between the 3,6 seater for the pri and sec clutches?( weights, springs,ramps).

    • I'm pretty sure they are the exact same... But the 6 should have been made to withstand the extra weight of the 6 seater.

    • Yeah my thoughts also. Cause most times my IV is rolling around with 3000lbs And thinking even with stock tires. It can't be good for a stock clutch

    • Yeah, had to replace wet clutch and put in a JBS clutch kit at 1000 miles and in at 2700 now and no issues on the new clutch.... Stock tires first 900 miles and 28x10x14 Maxxis Bighorns (originals not the 2.0's)

    • I had mine smell like burnt plastic the other week. Stopped looked. Nothing. Went again. Same smell. Then took a massive shaking. I Stopped. Then something popped( like a hose blew). Couldn't find anything and worked fine after that.

    • I got about 500 miles on it. But have a feeling I am Gona have to upgrade the clutch before too long.

    • Get with James Nikki Davis or Rob Griffin and they will get you all set up, trust me don't waste your time with the other wanna he's!!

    • JBS is the only option !!!

    • Just call me when you're ready or even if you just want to ask some questions


    • Will do rob that's for sure thank you.

    • I personally only dealt with James and Nikki, before Rob Griffin was on board, but the answer they can give just in all around maintenance questions is priceless. Our local Yamaha dealer is great but these guys are out there using these machines like we do and know what we are looking for!!