CONGRATS Aj Howland on the Live Draw win Aj took the cash option as he already...

CONGRATS Aj Howland on the Live Draw win. Aj took the cash option , as he already has the JBS Clutch Kit. Thanks everyone once again for the smooth draw. I will try and put something together for next week and do another poll on what will be drawn. This time i will announce what i am doing and a time that away people can be ready for it. I think doing it in the evening is the best that away we have more people available to see it and keeps it fair. Input is always good so let me know what you guys think. THANKS AGAIN!!!!

  • Aj Howland lucky dog!!!!!

  • Congrats Aj and thanks again to Jeff for putting this on and creating a little fun and excitement on this page.

  • I guess I'm lost. What's the deal with the drawings. How do you enter? What's it cost?

  • Gotta keep the page moving in the right direction. Doing little things like this keeps everyone involved. That's what we want is for everyone to be involved in some sense.

  • Cam Morrow there is a pinned post on the front page , it has everything lined out in details.

  • It depends on what the drawing is for.

  • That's awesome! Congratulations AJ,

    Thanks for keeping the excitement up Jeff!

  • Congrats AJ!!!

  • Thanks everyone

  • Dang he could have let someone els have that spot that wants a kit

  • I offered the cash spot too see how it would go. Next one i do will not have the cash option.

  • Honestly I planned on sitting it out but towards the end they were looking for 3 more guys and weren't getting anyone so I put my name in

  • It's all good congrats Aj Howland

  • I missed it working on my viking

  • I missed it working on my viking