Costed up 12 month service today

Costed up 12 month service today...

Freestyle Yamaha in Chichester = £120 including a hire bike. Parkroad Yamaha in Southampton (where I bought the Tracer) = £200 with no hire bike!

How can the price fluctuate that much?!

  • Say hi to Paul Hamblin in sales for me. Out of interest, that price is for the 6k service?

  • Yes mate, 12 month/6k (although I'm only at 4.5k currently)

  • £120 is a good price.

  • i estimated it would be between £120-150, so I'm happy it's come out at the bottom end of that

  • I might ride to Chichester for that price

  • That is a good price! Think I paid 150ish?

  • Blimey. I bought mine from Park Road but I might be heading east for that price difference when I need my 12k done. I had tyres and some other stuff done at the 6k but the service itself worked at around £180. It's convenient in that I can walk there in 30 minutes. But £60 is £60.

  • I live in Fareham but work in Chichester, it makes sense to have the bike serviced nearer to work, the price difference makes it all the more worthwhile!

  • They make it up as they go along. I get mine done at an independent, it's cheaper and I know it's getting done properly!

  • Does the warranty still stand if you use independent? Is it just the parts that need to be genuine Yam?

  • Yes as long as it's a VAT registered and industry recognised motor engineer (ie not a guy that works out of his garage) and genuine parts are used (except oil, which only needs to meet the specification in the handbook). I don't agree with paying over inflated prices for st(d)ealer servicing.

  • Mine was £99

  • They wipe the flies off and check the tyre pressures for that? Lol

  • No, proper service at yamaha dealer.

  • Good price

  • Where was that??!

  • Charles Hurst yamaha, Belfast. Would not like to have paid much more for all that was done tbh.

  • I'll have to dig out my paperwork , sure my 6k was £99 at crescent Bournemouth ... always get a loan bike so long as I say need one when booking .... personally I'll always use manufacturers until the warranty runs out ... for starters they get news of any possible issues which your independent won't , at the 6k service they added some spacers under the front cowling that had been ommited from some bikes , most who have had them added prob don't even know it ... went in for fog lights a few weeks back and they changed the chain adjusters without me mentioning them .. your independent won't do that ... but mostly , in the event of a major claim , like a gearbox , swing arm , whatever ... it'll get sorted much quicker and hassle free if there is a manufacture paper trial ... trust me .. been there with a gearbox claim ... doesn't matter what the law says , if they don't like summit in the service record they will attempt to wriggle out of it ... the way I see it .. over the course of two years .. I'm gonna save maybe £150, compared to not having hassle in a claim ... just not worth it to me ...