Cristian Vlad shared a link to the group: Yamaha BT1100 Bulldog.


Testing for a new angle

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  • :) this is crazy, but it works!...if he would of use a transparent pleglass conecting rod....

  • I already use 2 sj4000 cams, one attached to the base of the right mirror and one on the helmets mouth piece. Under the seat I will have a raspberrypi v2 computer with direct wifi, bt, 128Gb storage and 2 Logitech c905 HD webcams controlled by 'Motion' making stills and video normal and timelapses. Powered by a 10000 mAh powerbank which allows 15+ hours recording. This setup already works but I havent used on the bike yet. Not sure yet where to place the 2 extra cams

  • Maybe you want to look into the Hubsan h502s x4 drone. It has a good follow me mode and is cheap. It has good reviews.

  • do you want to stream live to fb? :))

  • Thats too easy

  • not that easy to use a smartphone, not a good field if view and crazy autofocus...

  • Would be cool to have a cam pointed to the front from the back but from a larger distance

  • as for the sound...will not be easy...

  • and after you will became crazy creative to make supports who don't vibe :)