Custom dynamic led Sorry if I sound so countryfied Just got them put on last...


Custom dynamic led. Sorry if I sound so countryfied. Just got them put on last night.

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  • Real nice Chris. What company makes Your light kit? I have lights too, but was on mine when I bought it.. Took forever to figure out the key fob, w/ no instructions. Also, I like the passenger backrest, because it is not too big. I want one similar. Can You share a link, or info? Thanx,,,,Scott. My light kit came from Rumbling Pride/Arsenal

  • Hey brother. The light kit are from custom dynamics. I got the blue tooth ones so that I could operate I TG from my phone. And the back rest is a cobra mini. Got to have something back there for the wife. Hope this helps

  • NICE!!!

  • Yep, thanx. I have the Cobra mini bookmarked. Almost blew My Girl off the back. Never again. Scared us BAD. Saw a truck pulling out, too late to brake, nailed the gas, Her feet came up past my head. So lucky. Next pay and backrest is getting ordered.

  • I know what you are talking about. Use to have a crotch rocket and the wife always complained about not having nothing back there so when I got this bike that was the first thing I bought. I like the cobra backrest like you see it doesn't sit up to high just enough for her to feel safe. But I had wished I gotten the quick release instead of the fixed. Don't know your preference

  • Fixed is good. I like the look without, but not worth the hassle. We have the same pipes, too, I think.

  • I took the windscreen off. Bought bike used. Came off day one

  • Oh yea cobras. Love mine but I did take the baffles out sounds a lot better

  • Yea I'm not a fan of the windshield either. I think it takes away from the bike

  • No baffles here, either. It`ll talk to Ya, lol

  • Yes it will

  • Freind request? I can`t do it on Your wall for some reason. Heading out for a ride. Beautiful here today. 84. Been mid 90`s for a week.

  • Your accent is cool. Some of my friends say I sound like a hillbilly. I will show them Your vid, HaHa. Take care Dude. Be Safe

  • That's really cool. What company and part #. I imagine it's all a kit ??

  • Custom dynamics not sure what the part # is but it's the only one that is Bluetooth

  • Cool,looks real good