• Cyclegear is currently having a sale on front and rear paddock stands I don t...

    Cyclegear is currently having a sale on front and rear paddock stands. I don't know a whole ton about them. I know they make the bike look cooler at least in my mind because the bike is upright and not leaning. My question is what do they do that a kickstand doesn't? Is it worth the $40-$50 bucks. I'm assuming it'd make the bike easier to work on. Also what's a good brand? When I in trust all the weight of my bike on something I want it to be reliable.

    • When you store it for winter you should have it on stands so you don't get flat spots on your tires.

      Other than that whenever u need ur bike to be upright instead of tilted you can put it on a stand. Oil changes and chain maintenance is easier as well as a few other things. I don't think it'd make lowering the bike easier. There's not really a whole lot of science behind it lol

    • For storage you'd need both stands. Other than that I can't really think of any other reason you would

    • I use mine whenever I lube my chain, or pretty much do anything to the bike..

    • Do you need to buy spools for the stand to rest on?

    • What brand do you have and how much did you pay? Is it reliable? I'm assuming you are more than comfortable putting your bike on it without worrying

    • They don't make spools for our bike u gotta get the swingarm type.

    • You can get them from harbor freight pretty cheap anyway. I won't be getting mine until around November

    • I use GPI industries front/rear stands. Work great, swingarm style. Holds the bike and my fat ass. I do all my own work so it makes my life SO much easier.

    • Remember how much they were Jeff?

    • Pretty sure I paid 130 ish for the set. This is what they look like.