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  • if its good aluminum,, there is no problem to tig weld it and fix it.. even some strong glue could fix it... sp no worries before tried it.. if glue it, drill a centerhole both places, add glue and a steel pin, put together and add more glue around it, araldite and similare glues are good to use..

  • Damn. New carb body needed...

  • Hi, if you let him putting down and remount the floating , it works the fine, already tested.

  • It's all good. I think a properly running carb will put life into my ride. The 2 previous owners were tools and I think they hose that carb up more then I know. This year is gonna be epic with this FJ. I'm thinking about cross county'ing her through the US. I hope I can meet up with those that are along the way!

  • There are a few FJ Rallys on in the states. I think there is one soon in SoCal. the WCR Rally.

  • This is how I found this bike. Those idiots didn't have the fuel in all the way & no clamp. I'm surprised they didn't light her on fire.... SMH

  • If you don't already know an excellent place for parts is http://www.rpmracingca.com/products.asp?cat=39

  • I got carbs new to used if needed.

  • I dont mean to be rude Ajay , but those carbs are screwed anyway . Just look how chewed those inlet valves are bud . Someone had had a pair of pliers on those and really messed them up . You`re going to want to completely rebuild those if you want to use them and you`ll have to replace that body there`s no fixing that .

  • Woow bormachina 1mm implant met super glue metal

  • Not rude are all. I think your referring to the float bowls. And yes they are chewed up from me trying to get them bastards out. I have replacements. It's very weird how stuck they almost like the are glued in or something. I have a new carb bank ordered and I'll use these as spare parts.

  • Yeah thats the best idea . I can see from looking at the green around the jets etc that the bike had stood for a while . hense why everything was stuck . the gas turns into a gel after a while and just gums everything up . Here`s a pic of the ones i`ve just cleaned for mine . They were in about the same state as yours when i got them .

  • Did you use an ultrasonic cleaner?

  • Yeah but i did a lot more than that too them . all the steel has been re plated and the bodies have been wire brushed . took 3 days

  • Here is the one I ordered off eBay. It's a bit rough, but it was on a running bike.

  • they look fine . will clean up a treat . are they for the 1tx or 1100 ?

  • Off of a '86 fj1200 with 25k on it.

  • I'll check the jets and move over mine if need be. After cleaning.

  • I would think looking at them they will be fine . Mine is a 3xw non abs . 30k on the clock . I`m doing a full nut and bolt rebuild of it at the moment

  • nice. Thanks for the insight. My CB750F carb was easy as heck.

    :-/ lol

  • haha ...yeah these are a little more complex but its all the same pricipal . if it came out , its got to go back in ..lol