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Really curious about these Delkevic Exhaust System. They look awesome and fairly cheap. Anyone owned one, review or sound?

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  • Quite a few of them aren't, I know that the Termignoni, Pro-Race, and SP engineering (I believe SPs) are all illegal.

  • Well for £50 it's a no brainer - you'd pay that for a stock one so...Let me know how it goes man!

  • Will do, I'll post a video as soon as it is installed on the bike!

  • Awesome - When you planning on do it?

  • Well I'm busy as hell until June but I am going to try and get it installed by this time next week for sure. If I don't go for the Delkevic I know some lad who is selling a Danmoto for £75 too.

  • You can get a 200mm or 350mm

  • Or a 225mm which is what I'm getting. The 350mm doesn't add as much power on though (something like 0.2hp less, nothing really).

  • 200mm definitely looks best IMO though.

  • I'd defo go for the 200mm^

  • The 225mm has an ugly lip at the end of the can which I'm planning on cutting off to make it look like the 200mm. If I had the choice though I'd probably go for the 200mm silver and not carbon and I really don't know why...