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What's going on everyone, me again!

I've been looking at the CNC billet levers on ebay for £50!

Any reviews on these, bit pricey and don't think I wanna go for the cheap £15 ones..

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  • And the levers are so much nicer to use than standard

  • Might get a pair for mine, I don't know if I can be bothered to unwire my heated grips though as I can't ride it until the end of august and by then it'll be getting cold again. For my trip to France next year though they're a must, look proper nice.

  • I'm now even more tempted hehe! Just to confirm, I have a R125 in Matt Greye (old nosecone and clocks) on a 2014 plate. They will fit, right?

  • I am only buying the Delkevic as a temporary exhaust, but for £75 you can't go wrong really. My opinion on Danmotos will always be the same though.

  • Your opinion on Danmoto's are...?

  • Chavvy. The carbon ones don't seem too bad and give a light increase in power (the new ones with the remotely adjustable baffle for £170 are proper smart though). The dual pipe XG1 sounds terrible and loses power, impractically loud too.

  • I wouldn't get one unless it was the carbon one. I don't like the dual pipe. Do you have a link to this second hand system?

  • Dean Modz Morter is selling it!

  • Thanks pal.

  • No problem at all mate.