David M Long You have lied multiple times about returning my money and...


David M. Long. You have lied multiple times about returning my money and everyone needs to be told in advance so they won't deal with you or allow you into this group anymore.

You sent me a tank off an old model YZ and wasnt even close to right When I questioned you and told me send it back, to you in Oklahoma to address you wanted. Now weeks later, you wont send me my refund, won't answer messages, and act like I'm being an ass. Sorry don't think so, but people need be aware, so they dont become victims to same scam!!!!!!!!

I also have the numerous messages and the text messages, so don't act like your innocent cause you are not!

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  • Sketchy dude...

  • Give this dude his money Dave...

  • I was two seconds from buying that tank from him. #close one.

  • I didn't realize that stock tanks were needed. I have a blue stock tank off of an 07, whats that worth?

  • Its oversized

  • Ahhhhh, nope, that one I need.

  • Post his number so we can blow it up with calls and texts

  • He told me his number changed!

  • What tank u need ,Mike?

  • What an ass

  • None, my son wanted to change his from blue was all