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    "What is an experienced rider?" I thought they did a good job with the definition. What do y'all think?

    • Damn cali boyz.....

    • Totally agree Reden, in the rain you HAVE to be SMOOTH!

    • Just put good tires on it. Rain is nothing..... the cagers make it treacherous. The bike handles great in the wet just watch for the black tar strips, anything painted, and follow in tire tracks in your lane. PNW baby.... it rains a lot here.

    • This "winter" I do plan to take a lot of short rides in the rain. I had fun that day I rode in the wet. For a minute, I had a death grip on the bars. But, I relaxed and stayed smooth on the throttle. I want to go back to the Dunlops first though.

    • To know you have it nailed you gotta practice in the wet. Any input or error is magnified. Not a nice feeling but will be a confidence boosting learning experience. You will be so much better in the dry. You will thank me one day.

    • I agree that ride time is important. But you can learn a lot more doing a few 1000 miles/km on curvy mountain roads and city riding, than you can doing 10000 miles/km on main roads.

    • As far as skill sets yes. The main road riding, in my experience, had taught me the defensive riding more. Put yourself around a bunch of cagers and all of a sudden everything changes.

    • So, what skill sets are you guys working on currently?

    • Not dying in traffic....... BUT when I'm riding not to and from work, I'm always working on apex, body positioning, consistent braking, and flawless shifting.

    • Since i commute, i learn to be defensive. Scanning the road for oil, debris, camber changes. Im not the best when its really windy. Those big side winds blow me off course at times.

      Apart from that i work on wet weather skills, throttle control, shifting, body position. Oh and my biggest weak point is pillioning. I cant do it well. It freaks me out having so much weight.