Didnt know they made them till 08 i thought 06 was the last year Yes i do know...


Didnt know they made them till 08 i thought 06 was the last year. Yes i do know they quit making them in 06

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  • They was still made past 06. Just not in the states

  • Pretty sure blasters and banshees would still be sold brand new today if emissions allowed it lol. I'd buy one.

  • How can they still sell brand new 250 2 stroke bikes but not quads? The fuck is the difference?

  • I see all of them Making new bikes every year along with ktm. But yet they won't make a quad? I feel a comeback.

  • This guy got me fucked up

  • I have an 06 special edition blaster that is the last year they were made because any parts manual with all say like 1996-2006 it might be before 96 but ever manual stops at 06 they took the blaster off the market and made the raptor 250 just about the same frame size then for the warrior they made raptor 350 they made those before the raptor 250 my brothers ex bought an 07 or 08 raptor 250 special edition as soon as it came out so 06 was the last year they turned the two stroke 200 blaster and made a four stroke raptor 250 but the raptor is fun as hell to ride like the blaster you can throw em around all day and they do have some power for being that small size of a four stroke I would love to compare my 06 blaster to the first year they came out with the raptor 250 both stock it would be a good shoot out

  • Negative

  • It would like to see a shootout for the last year they made the warrior with the first year they made the raptor 350 then another good one would be the yyfz450 quad against a banshee 350 those would all be good shoot outs but I thinks for the warrior all they did was change the plastics and maybe better suspension but i don't know never been compared

  • Any one agree about the changed yamahas from blaster to the raptor 250 warrior to the raptor 350 and really I'm not sure when they started making the 450 quads and stopped with the banshees but I think they went from the bbanshee to make the yfz450

  • O6 last year

  • The first raprtor 350 was a warrior motor with raptor frame and body

  • I agree with Frank. They quit selling blasters in the US back in 06. The 350 raptor IS IN FACT a warrior. It just has new plastics and a new name. Then came the 250. I myself would put $1000 on a race between a stock raptor 250 against my blaster. All I have is a pipe and I promise the blaster will win.

  • Never heard of a 250 warrior. That's funny.

  • Yes 06 is last year lol

  • I got an 06

  • Na I said raptor 250 then warrior

  • OK what was the last year they made them outside of the US if they go past 06 I'd love to get my hands on one I will get it shipped to me I want the last year they stopped making them

  • They go to 08 I believe over seas

  • Your gonna pay a pretty.pemny.just to have it.