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  • speaking of bullshit Chinese cranks! Here will be my 17th Honda chinese crank recall replacement! Here at my day Job.

  • And Honda has me inspect the main bearings for excessive uneven wear. Why? Excessive runout!!! Even Honda cant avoid the incompetence of Chinese crank manufacturers!! Go ahead Amateurs challenge me now!!

  • I like these cranks tho. I think they are made in Taiwan.

  • Thats a Vitos stuffer crank. I noticed the quality being alittle better on those for some strange reason. Most likley because its Taiwan. The Honda ones are made in Thailand Which is in the republic of China

  • They handle big power without melting the big end.

  • One issue I will reveal with some Chinese cranks is the lack of a proper interference fit for the pin. I disassembled a brand new Wiseco and found one side just over .002". It should be around .004" so the cranks are twisting out of alignment

  • Yup, another common problem. All quality control issues that you do not see in japanese products.

  • I always tack the pin in a couple places after they're all set up. U can do it and barely put any heat into it with a tig

  • Pin welding works.

  • Wiseco parts, except the pistons are made in CHINA.