Do I need to tighten deez nuts with a torque wrench There s not much room to...

Do I need to tighten deez nuts with a torque wrench? There's not much room to get a torque wrench on them. Thanks :)

  • Where there is a will there is a way if u want it bad enough n u can make it look nice n not like a butcher did it

  • No thanks on grinding cylinder. I might grind the tools, but this boxend/torque wrench works flawlessly, for myself.

  • Lol I was t saying grind the cylinder dn to nothing just a little out the corners for ur wrench smooth it out with sand paper n no one would know but u.

  • A lot of ppl do that so they don't have to go look for a special tool n u can't tell

  • At least for how i do mine, as per owners manual.... And yes, i use a torque wrench

  • How do you do yours with a torque Wrench Kiko? Using those crows foot spanners on the torque wrench. Or can you use a uni joint to get a socket on there ?

  • I haven't really looked at my 250 yet but for years on the 125 I've wished that I could do them properly with a torque wrench. though those crow's foots wouldn't be deadly accurate either because they change the length and pivot point of the torque wrench.

  • G'day mate Geoff, i just use any other 2-dial, socket and click-type torque wrench you can imagine. Not privy on how they're called specifically mate. Is there a digital type that you can get? Think the cylinder head nuts require 18 lb force-ft (lbf-ft) whilst the bottom about 25 lbf-ft, but you may check the manual. Cant' remember it well.

  • Yea, the 250 may be different. The125's near impossible to get a torque wrench on.

  • I've never torqued those only the head after almost 30 years of riding I've put alot of engines together and never had a problem.