• Do not order the mustang Springer seat it s uncomfortable trash

    Do not order the mustang Springer seat it's uncomfortable trash

    • Order the Mustang Vintage Solo with back rest and passenger seat with back rest. Very comfortable!

    • I should have got that one the Springer is trash the seat is uncomfortable with in the first 15min of a ride

    • I have the solo wide

      And its the most comfortable seat I ever had bare none

    • I just got the wrong one then

    • I have to double mustang. Love it so does wife. Sucks that springer isn't comfy. Is it too wide/narrow hard/soft? Details of what's wrong might be useful to others

    • Too hard , is not water proof ( soaked up water like a sponge in quick rain) after riding for 15 min is already starting to hurt

    • I've been wondering if I can somehow get a recliner on mine.

    • They got a 20% restock fee so I might try and figure out how to throw a recliner on mine

    • OK that guy wins

    • I friggin love the springer seat,! I can ride for hours comfortable.

    • I was going to order one aswell oh well have to be the mustang solo then

    • Love my Corbin seat.

    • Its the cost of corbin that puts me off getting one , there a daft price here in the UK

    • It was out of my budget, too. But a bike that hurt my ass enough that I didn't want to ride it, and had paid a premium price for, was even a bigger budget issue.

    • The cost of the Corbin in the US is too much also