Do you also get the feeling of everybody wanting to race us a stoplight


Do you also get the feeling of everybody wanting to race us a stoplight? Specially if you have dark-tinted visor...Usually I never do it...However today I couldn't resist the temptation...a jerk in a camaro was talking sh*t and he just ate my dust...feels good...choose your battles riding my friends...

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  • hmm never seen it lol, Well the skills some riding chicks have if you could find one to like squeeze their legs to hold on then do it.. and get a video whilest so I can see it, sounds really funny to watch. lol!

  • Well my new bike doesnt have a back seat or I would show u lol

  • 76mm Turbo LS1 Miata vs. 88' BMW 325i:

  • no longer have your star power yellow FZ?

  • Nah. Upgraded to a gsxr 1000

  • oh bahahahaha! that does look awesome. but commmon LS1 VS. 325i stock? bah Miata knew that one was in the bag!

  • ain't that a seat cover on the back part? nice ride though!

  • I would imagine the bmw was stock yea.

    Yea but the guy I bought it from didnt come with the seat lol. Thank ya. I think its twice as comfortable as the fz.

  • I know what you mean, everyone else on here doesn't seem to have a comfort issue as I do. I have owned my FZ for 4 years now, and still have yet to find a "comfortable" extended ride position. Guess having your spine curving in 2 spots the opposite way its suppose to curve prolly has a good bit to do with it though.

  • Hahah yea prolly. I just would be sore after a little bit of riding. And it doesnt really happen on the new one