Do you ride your FZ6r everywhere Since I ve learned to ride on the 15th I ve...

Do you ride your FZ6r everywhere? Since I've learned to ride on the 15th I've been all over on the bike riding daily. Commuting to work, casual rides and shopping trips. Thinking of going to the movies tomorrow. Only thing that bothers me is leaving the bike for over an hour. The places I visit are not in suspect neighborhoods but I just don't trust people period.

  • No one fucks with bikes.

    I didn't believe it at first but here I am 3yrs in , I leave my jacket my helmet right in the bike.

    I have a $400 helmet too. And I've left it outside some questionable bars before. For many hours

  • I've left my bike and helmet overnight a couple times too right on the street. Decent area of town , but lots of bums and whathaveyous walk through that area

  • I bought mine in April 2016 and have put over 4,500 miles on it. I ride it everyday I can to work which is 44 miles one way. I do all my errands and never have any problems leaving my helmet propped on the handle bar.

  • Just sold my mazdaspeed 3 to daily drive the fz6r for the summer haha, who needs cars

  • Bike Life!!! I'm jealous

  • It's awesome I just started this season but I want a real sport bike sooner then later !

  • Uhhh this is a real sport bike.

    Do u mean u want a super sport?

  • I drive mine all over the place but when I go eat or go inside the movies I well take my helmet and gloves with me inside. I have a jacket I just only wear it during winter. I travel all over okahoma Arkansas and Texas with work and I never had a problem will ppl messing with my bike

  • ^^ This


    Yea probably super sport

  • Awesome to know guys I did just get a Helmetlok in the mail today so I can leave my lid with the bike. Also got a cable that runs through the jacket so I don't have to carry that too, lol.

  • I havent driven a car to do anything by myself in over 4 years.

    Only time I drive is with my family of course but anything else beyond that... I'm on a bike. Rain or shine baby!

  • This is the lifestyle change I'm growing into. I'd rather be on the bike then in the car. The cage doesn't feel right anymore.

  • I Go everywhere with it. As long u have really good insurance u shouldnt worry getting stolen or not.

  • There sport touring bikes but yes something like an r6 or gsxr 750

  • Got full coverage.

  • My Fz6r is my DD, has been for months since I pulled the trans on my car. I try to keep it in sight, but with the steering lock I don't mind too bad if I can't.