DOCKING. Mechanical Adjustments

DOCKING: Mechanical Adjustments?

I've added Thrust Vectors which make a big difference at low speeds, but I'm still struggling a bit when docking because the boat drives forward when in neutral. I knew there was no true neutral on a jet boat but I wasn't expecting this much forward momentum when in neutral. Not only is it making docking difficult but having the engines running while tied down in my slip puts a lot of tension on my dock lines.

Is this normal and/or are there any adjustments that can be made to minimize this?

  • I also have a slight reverse when a neutral. You should consider getting the buckets adjusted. The only true neutral is when the engines are not running.

  • I pull in at 90 degrees , cut the wheel, and it naturally turns into the dock. Do this as slow as windage allows and kill both engines, step off back deck onto the dock to secure the boat. If engines stay running the boat will always creep slightly forward-

  • I put my direction lever about 1/4 or less reverse. If you adjust gates you will lose forward speed

  • Or like jerry said

  • Slowly slowly... You can't go too slow. I can dock mine on my own with a bungee dock line. I have it on the middle cleat, hook it over the back dock tie and the boat doesn't swing out. When I used to step off the back and tie it, then I wasn't quick enough to grab the front. Practice and confidence and patience.

  • Mine wants to go backwards ever so slightly. I usually kill the engines as soon as we hit the dock. I need to get out there on a lazy Tuesday afternoon and work on Jerry's maneuver

  • Brother I am new to jet boats also. I have owned a Sx192 for about a year now. I thought thrust vectors would solve my problem too, but they didn't. They do help alot! Over time, like I am starting to learn, you have to feather neutral and reverse when docking. There is no true neutral in a jet boat. As soon as you dock, shut in down. If you leave it running, it will want to move, regardless where you have the throttle.

  • I have driven tractor trailers with 25 and 50 foot trailers in cities many times and was able to back them up fine, but backing up our SX190 into our slip is an even bigger challenge. Seems the hardest thing when backing up is when you let off to slow down, for it kicks the rear over a few feet even when the wheel is straight. I know; I need to spend more time and practice practice practice.

  • Feather. Slowly. Forward and reverse. I am 3 years into mine and I can make her dance now. Just takes practice. Once you get it, solid

  • Like a few people said, just learn to feather and kill those engines once you get lined up right. Sometimes I'll just click one engine barely into reverse for a semi-neutral, but that's about as close as you'll get with the jet engines. They just don't actually have a "neutral", so there's no sense in trying to fight it.