Does anybody have a video or sound clip of the V H Competition Slip On exhaust...

Does anybody have a video or sound clip of the V&H Competition Slip On exhaust with the baffle removed or with a louder baffle? I would like a lumpier sound from my current exhaust. Thanks all.

Random pic of mine in Nevada so you will read my post and can dream of riding down it haha.

  • I like it.

  • I live in Nevada, I don't have to dream ;)

  • So did I. That's the road leading to Rachel.

  • Looks incredible. I got married in Las Vegas, would love to go back to America again and rent a bike.

  • Come to Canada. You can borrow mine.

  • I tried to remove baffle but it seems to be weld inside. Is it even posible to remove it or replace it? ?

  • People say they have done it. So I sent V&H a message about this. As removing the baffle would get rid of a lot of back pressure. I know some other Vtwin bikes run straight pipes but can't think that is good for the motor. I just asked them if it was ok to remove or at least remove the fiberglass wrap in there.

  • I have the comp and the naked filter my dyno guy who fitted the power commander took this out. Just a screw that holds it in

  • This is what i thought and tried to pull out but its pretty stuck. How does it sound now any video you have ?

  • Good thought. May need to do bit research on motor aspect. Let us know what they say. Thanks

  • George M. Aguilar

  • So as I thought V&H recommends NOT removing the baffle. It will negatively affect the engine and performance. They say I can remove the fiberglass wrap for a louder sound. They do no sell a replacement baffle to make the exhaust louder.

  • so it is a solid metal? There are no holes in the baffle, how about the fiberglass wrap?

  • Yehhh. Thats weird mine surely got holes in it

  • Straight road with no turns and dirt is the only view. On a bike that doesnt go too terribly fast. No thanks ill stick to my wooded roads.

  • Take care

  • Reduced back pressure is always good. It's not going to hurt the motor a bit. But you will likely have to adjust the fuel delivery via a fuel controller or ECU flash to compensate.